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We are the Specialized Sky Water Harvesting Company in Bangladesh established in April, 2013 with an aim to solve the drinking water crisis by promoting sky water harvesting in Bangladesh.

Highly advanced technologies, such as reverse osmosis are a solution to the drinking water crisis, but they are too expensive to install and sustain in developing countries. Also, they need a huge amount of energy. BOP (Base of Pyramid) people cannot afford them.

On the other hand, sky water is available for all. Sky water is the gift from the heaven, and has been produced by natural desalinization systems on the earth. Sky water is free from arsenic, iron, salinity and pathogenic microorganisms, which cause diarrhea. It reminds us that our ancestors have been sincerely thankful to the heaven for harvesting and drinking sky water. There are countless taps of safe drinking water in the sky!

Bangladesh is located in a Monsoon area, and blessed with sky water. Annual average rainfall is more than 2000 mm. This means that sky water harvesting has great potential in Bangladesh to supply safe drinking water.

Centralized tap water supply systems are suitable in urban areas with high population density, but they are not cost effective and take too much time to install and maintain in rural areas. Sky water harvesting systems should be promoted as decentralized drinking water supply systems in rural areas.

Access to safe drinking water is a human right! Our mission is to supply safe drinking water for all by introducing sky water harvesting. Sky water harvesting systems should be installed at not only in private houses but also in community and in public facilities.

Besides coastal areas, such as Morreganj, there are many places, which have the same drinking water crisis such as in the northern areas of Bangladesh and in the hill tracts of Chittagong. There are more than 30 million people who have no access to safe drinking water. This means there are big demands on sky water harvesting. In the near future, we would like to promote sky water harvesting social enterprises by introduction of innovative social franchise systems in all around Bangladesh.

There have been drinking water crises in rural areas not only in Bangladesh, but also in the areas of Monsoon Asia, such as Nepal, India, Myanmar, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Philippines and Indonesia. These countries have great potential for sky water harvesting. If our social enterprise on sky water harvesting is successful in Bangladesh, it could be transferred to other countries to solve their drinking water crisis. In the near future, we have a plan to establish an “Asian training center for skill development for the Masons” from where the masons from Bangladesh as well as all around the areas of Monsoon Asia can develop their skill. We would like the results of our activities to be reflected in the new MDGs in 2015.
The final goal of our business is to make the sky water industry self-sufficient in terms of local skills and materials. To do this, we are now developing technologies, products and skills (for masons etc.) In cooperation with People for Rainwater, our partner NGO, we produce, sell, install and maintain sky water harvesting systems.
Rapid increasing of population and accelerating urbanization along with climate change and severe drinking water pollution in Asia will make safe water scarcer and scarcer. It might cause water conflict in the Mekong and the Ganges basin in the future. We would like to contribute to saving lives and making peace by introducing “Sky Water Tank” for sky water harvesting. So let us raise our voice – “No more tanks for war, tanks for peace!”

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Makoto Murase Ph.D
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Skywater Bangladesh (SB) Ltd.

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