About Us

Institute for Sky Water Harvesting Ltd., Japan ( http://dr-skywater.com/ ) started survey and research on BOP social enterprise about sky water harvesting in cooperation with People for Rainwater (PR)-Bangladesh (visit the Home Page of PR-Japan: http://www.skywater.jp ) supported by JICA in April 2011 as a pilot project. This project was successful. The low cost tank named AMAMIZU for BOP people, developed by transfer Thai giant jar technology from Thailand to Bangladesh. It is made of mortar with a capacity of 1000 liter, named AMAMIZU.

Institute for Sky Water Harvesting started to produce AMAMIZU at the AMAMIZU Production Center (APC) at Morrelganj, Bagerhat in April, 2012. Two hundred AMAMIZU have been installed by installment systems. Almost all the installments have been reimbursed. Customers have satisfied with water quality of sky water. Sky water could make contribution to mitigate salinity and water fetching. They wanted to buy one more AMAMIZU in 2013.

about Us -1 SWHS (Sky Water Harvesting System) – by using AMAMIZU

This success of social enterprise on AMAMIZU, Skywater Bangladesh (SB) Ltd., is established on April 9, 2013 as a local company which produces, sells & installs the Rain Water Harvesting System (RWHS). This is the company which only produces the rain water reservoirs to solve the drinking water crisis in the areas where people don’t have easy access to the safe drinking water.

Skywater Bangladesh (SB) Ltd. produce, sell, install and do the proper maintenance of Sky Water Harvesting Systems as per demand of the clients.

Our mission is to introduce sustainable supply of sweet & safe drinking water by Sky Water Harvesting System (SWHS) for all the people from poor to rich who have been suffering from arsenic and salinity contamination at the coastal areas in Bangladesh.