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Welcome to our page!!! Having visited to many countries and regions as secretary general of People for Rainwater, I started sky water harvesting social project in Bangladesh in cooperation with local NGOs in1999. I found here serious issues regarding drinking water, such as, arsenic contamination in ground water, water borne diseases, salinity issue caused by climate change, fetching water etc.

We know, Sky water is a blessing from heaven! It is not only free from arsenic, salinity, and germs but also free of cost for everyone. There are more than 2000 mm of annual average rain fall at coastal areas. It means there is a great potential of sky water harvesting to solve drinking water crisis. Japan is blessed with rain because of the clouds that come from Bangladesh on the Monsoon Asia winds. I wanted to reach out to the people here as friends under the same sky.

But social project which depends on entirely volunteer and donations had limitation for making sky water harvesting sustainable. To break through this barrier, I established Institute for Sky Water Harvesting Ltd. and started social enterprise pilot project of sky water harvesting in cooperation with JICA in 2010. Main target people of this project were the BOP people. For this, the tanks were not offered free of charge. It was sold to them in a minimum cost to make the ownership of the customer. Our enterprise also creates the employment for local people and contribute to local industry. It is key strategy to make social business sustainable and financially independent. Following successful JICA pilot social project of sky water harvesting, I established Skywater Bangladesh (SB) Ltd.  in 2013 to tackle social enterprise on sky water harvesting sustainably.

Besides coastal areas, there are many places, which are experiencing the same drinking water crisis! in the northern areas of Bangladesh, the hill tracts of Chittagong and Rohingya refugee camp. This means there is a big demand for sky water harvesting in Bangladesh.

We are now facing drinking water crisis not only Bangladesh but in many other parts of the world too. Meanwhile, global population continues to increase. The UN predicts global population will reach 9.7 billion in 2050. This could lead to a global food and water crisis, which in turn could trigger wars!

I hope that global social enterprise networks of sky water harvesting will take initiatives for solving the coming food and water crisis and achieving the SDGs on a global scale.

No more Tanks for War, Tanks for Peace!

Dr. Sky Water (MAKOTO MURASE PhD.)

Skywater Bangladesh (SB) Ltd.