1What is Sky Water Harvesting?
Ans: Sky Water Harvesting is the process of storing and collecting rainwater for future use. It is a method, in which the rainwater is not allowed to run off, but it is collected. Water from rainwater is stored in a reservoir.
2Is harvested Sky Water good and safe for my family to drink?
Ans: Yes. Sky Water Harvesting provides water that is healthy, safe, and tastes great if it stored properly. Properly designed and built, rainwater harvesting systems provide high-quality potable water.
3What is the quality of the stored rainwater?
Ans: The quality of stored rainwater is very good; far superior to most assume. A successful rainwater harvesting system will maintain clear, odor-free, and slime-free water while in storage.
4Why is rainwater harvesting necessary?
Ans: It reduces soil erosion and flood hazards by collecting rainwater and reducing the flow of stormwater to prevent urban flooding. Most buildings that utilize rainwater harvesting systems have a built-in catchment area on top of the roof, which has a capacity of collecting large volumes of water in case of rainstorms. Besides it meets the scarcity of the safe drinking water, and it reduces the dependence from ground water.
5Isn’t Sky Water Polluted?
Ans: Sky Water is free from arsenic, iron, salinity, and human feces. There is little air pollution in the city but outside the city, where the sky is clean, gives safe & sweet drinking water. Sky Water is bottled and sold in Australia & America. Sky Water is safe drinking water resource.
6What is the Biofilm and what does it do?
Ans: The rainwater harvesting storage biofilm is a naturally forming layer of bacteria. It destroys the pathogenic bacteria form in the tank.
7Can Biofilm affect the longevity of pathogenic bacteria in the Sky Water Harvesting tank?
Ans: Yes, Biofilm forces higher mortality of pathogenic bacteria in the Sky Water Harvesting tank, that makes the water safe to drink.
8What are the costs of the Sky Water Harvesting Systems?
Ans: It depends on the size and the types so please contact with us through email.