Several pools, canal along with more than two hundred rivers bring a distinctive geographical dimension for Bangladesh. In fact, most of the people of this agriculture based country are accustomed to live a peaceful life. It is true that rivers and fertile land are blessed with nature that have made a durable agricultural system here but at the same time natural disaster like Cyclone, tornado, flood, and heavy rainfall cause a great havoc to live almost every year. People have become habituated gradually to fight against natural disasters, but currently man-made disasters have made their lives more insecure. Of these disastrous, scarcity of pure drinking water result of serious water pollution and rise of arsenic level in water is vital effect.

Villages are not facilitated with the supply of pure drinking water like city and there is hardly any possibility to build the infrastructural facilities in near future to have supply of pure drinking water. It is true that once river and pond and ground water were suitable for drinking, but now it is extremely polluted. As a result of drinking and using of polluted water, the people are falling victim to different kinds of diseases like cholera, diarrhea by pathogenic microorganisms and cancer by arsenic poison. In some cases, people become the victim of death. In these circumstances water-borne diseases may break out an epidemic form unless any suitable solution is emerged out to ensure pure drinking water for at least 70% people. Also, the people at the coastal areas have been suffered from salinity.

It is quite possible to bring a solution by effectively using a huge amount of sky water in this part of the world because it rains here 6 months per year in monsoon. In some years the rainfalls become 2000 mm in average.

The preserving process of huge amount of Sky water by a systematic method is called Sky Water Harvesting.

The system has already proved effective to so many countries which face less rainfall than Bangladesh. Most of the houses in rural areas of Bangladesh are tin shaded. When it rains on tin shed, it falls separately via many different folded rows of tin shed houses. If the water fallen via folded tin shed row is paved way through a pipe and if that is gathered in a big pot through proper way, it will be then usable as safe drinking water as well as safe for cooking and other usage. Sky water collection should start after 5 to 10 minutes when the rains fall in the roof to get comparatively clean water.

The Sky water harvesting system would be a significant and effective way to overcome the scarcity of safe drinking water specially in Bangladesh where rainfall is more frequent.