• Clean your roof (Catchment) before starting the monsoon.
  • Wash your reservoir at the beginning of every monsoon.
  • Use net at the opening of every inlet, outlet including the overflow pipe.
  • Use a thin cloth between the lid and the jar to protect entering debris or insect.
  • Clean the gutter-pipe and funnel periodically, specially before every monsoon.
  • Cutt-off the tree branches directly over the roof or catchments.
  • For any strange taste or odor or color, stop drinking the water and try to find the reason immediately.

Operation & Maintenance Training

To get the maximum output from a product, equipment, or a system, we should maintain those things properly and operate systematically. So, it is very important for every customer or beneficiary to gather the proper knowledge about the maintenance and operation of a product, equipment, or a system.

To receive the safe drinking water from the system, we should keep the system clean periodically with proper way. So, we give training to our customer or beneficiary on operation and maintenance of the Rainwater Harvesting System (RWHS) so that they can get the maximum benefit from it and can drink the safe drinking water.


  • Don’t allow anybody to walk on the roof during monsoon.

  • Don’t keep open any of the openings of the RWH system.

  • Don’t keep dirty or wet around the reservoir.

  • Don’t use soap, detergent, or bleaching powder to wash the reservoir.

  • Not to raise pigeons at home.

  • Don’t use water for other purposes during dry season.

  • Don’t let enter the initial Skywater into the reservoir.